Be prepared for JIHAD GENOCIDE!


On 31 DECEMBER 201?, ten million non-Muslims will be exterminated. This is the target of high-tech Jihad genocide, starting from Times Square in New York, London, Jerusalem and other major cities all over the world. The weapon, which is capable of killing a human being in 1.4 minutes, only costs pennies to produce and cannot be deducted by scanners at airports.

For the first time, breast and buttock implants will be used to blow up planes loaded with fuel to exterminate those who escape death by the lethal virus. To give the final touches, the Pope will be shot at close range and the mourners in churches, synagogues, temples and every place of non-Muslim worship will be made to join those who were killed in the name of Allah by high-tech Jihad.

The day of the suicide bomber is over.


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The army behind hi-tech Jihad genocide, under the leadership of a highly educated medical doctor, scientist and professor teaching in the reputed Medical School of Philadelphia, USA, consists of scientists, medical doctors, bio-chemists, ex NASA employees, nurses, attorneys, virologists, computer programmers, informers who work for the FBI, CIA, Mossad, Scotland Yard, CBI India, and members of other secret services.

The weapon has already reached the USA and rest of the world. The surgeons have been given the green light and the beautiful girls in hijab, who are ready to have explosives implanted in their breasts and buttocks, are waiting to board the fully fuelled planes which will be exploded in the heart of highly populated cities. Genocidal people with black Fatwa in their hearts.

The object of those who believe in having seventy-two virgins and a higher place in Allah's Paradise is to: